Smart Anti Snoring for DAD

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Looking for the perfect gift for your dad this Father's Day? Consider the Smart Anti-Snoring device. This innovative product uses intelligent sound recognition and bone conduction technology to detect snores and emit low-frequency pulses to stimulate and massage nerves, resulting in a peaceful and enhanced sleep quality for your dad.

With adjustable modes from weak to physical solid intervention, your dad can choose the working mode that suits him best. Help your dad sleep better and enjoy a more restful night's sleep with this perfect Father's Day gift. However, please note that this product is unsuitable for people with heart pacemakers, heart and cerebrovascular problems, pregnancy or childbirth, and children under 16. This device is powered by USB and comes with a handheld wire control. It is compact, measuring 502012mm, and made of high-quality ABS and 304 stainless steel materials. The device is finished in sleek black, making it a stylish and practical gift for any dad.

Packing list:
Anti-snoring device + data cable + manual * 1


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