One-button Press Type Ice Mold Box

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The One-button Press Type Ice Mold Box is a convenient and easy-to-use ice cube tray that allows you to effortlessly release ice cubes with just one press. With a capacity of 32/64 ice cubes, this ice mold box is perfect for homes, parties, and bars. Made from food-grade PET material, it is BPA-free and non-toxic, ensuring that it is safe for food and beverage production. The newly designed ABS lids are removable and stackable, allowing for improved space utilization and easy sorting.

The non-stick surface of the ice mold box makes it easy to clean and maintain. The product is available in four colors, green, yellow, white, and purple, and is of first-class quality level. With its light luxury style and quick-frozen, easy-to-de-mold function, the One-button Press Type Ice Mold Box is a great addition to your kitchen or bar. The product size is 23.813.510.9cm, making it a perfect fit for your freezer. Enjoy the convenience of making ice cubes at home with this practical and stylish ice mold box.

Packing list:

Icebox *1, ice shovel *1


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