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Product information :

This blackhead machine instrument, one machine is equipped with 5 heads, rechargeable, the machine has 3 gears. This is not only for sucking blackheads, face, nose, and chin. Blackheads can be used to remove blackheads.
1. The oval suction mouth tightens and reduces fine lines.
2. Small round hole suction head, suck blackheads, acne, suitable for fragile skin.
3. Microcrystalline tips to exfoliate. Exfoliating.
4. Large round hole suction head, easily suck blackheads, lift and tighten.
5. Use a hot towel to compress for about 5 minutes to open the skin pores.
6. Choose the suction tip that suits your needs, touch the skin and slowly move the instrument from top to bottom, do not pull the skin hard, please do not stay for more than 2 seconds (if the staying time is too long, the skin is prone to red and purple).
7. After the treatment, wash your face with cold water or apply a refrigerated mask to shrink the pores. Then apply pore shrinking water or essence. The skin is supple and beautiful!

Instructions for use
Warm reminder: Please operate on the back of your hand proficiently before using it on your face.
Move from top to bottom during the process, don’t listen to staying in one place, this will cause
Suck red and purple.
1. Hot water cleansing
2. Hot water opens the pores (5 minutes, the temperature is about 35-40)
3. Apply [Export Liquid] and start sucking it, don’t wait for it to dry (if you have a cotton pad, it will
(Apply on the cotton pad for five minutes and then take it off and then suck it for a better effect)
4. After absorbing cleansing, which one to go for, massage until absorbed and then wash with cold water
5. Can be applied-a moisturizing mask for daily care.
Suggestion: better operation effect after bathing

6 advantages
1. One-piece molding
Ergonomic design, easy to handle
2. Multiple gears
Multiple gears for small, medium and large to meet different skin types
3. Four tips
Four beauty suction heads are equipped as standard to meet different needs
4. The beauty head can be switched at will
The four beauty heads can be replaced at will
5. Strong suction
53 kPa gives me suction, blackheads have nowhere to escape
6. Convenient charging
Usb rechargeable, can avoid the kind of complicated battery replacement

Packing list :

Blackhead suction device*1

USB cable*1

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