Educational Toy Drawing Pad 3D

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Looking for a fun and creative way to inspire your child's imagination? Look no further than our Educational Toy Drawing Pad 3D! With a special tablet featuring a light-accumulating coating and a flashlight marker, your child can draw and create bright, glowing lines that are sure to impress. The brightness and clarity of the lines depend on the distance and angle of the marker to the tablet, encouraging your child to experiment and explore their drawing techniques.

Not only is this drawing pad a fun and engaging activity for your child, but it also comes with a pen featuring special ink that only appears under the light of the flashlight. This encourages your child to expand their creativity and try out new techniques and ideas.


Parents can also rest easy knowing that the "Draw with light" set won't leave behind any permanent markings on furniture or walls. And with a recommended drawing session of 15-20 minutes, this educational toy is a great way to keep your child entertained and engaged without taking up too much time.

The Educational Toy Drawing Pad 3D comes in a variety of sizes, including small, medium, and large, and comes with a pen in a random color. It's suitable for children aged 4-6 years old and comes in a colorful box that's perfect for gift-giving. So why wait? Get your child started on a fun and creative journey today with the Educational Toy Drawing Pad 3D!

Package Content

1 x Writing board
1 x pen
1 x template



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